Current Tax Rates

This page contains tax rates as approved for Lincoln County and City of Lincolnton for Fiscal Year/Budget Year 2020/2021.

District NameCodesCounty RateTax RateTotal 
Alexis Fire District900.5990.11650.7155
Boger City Fire District770.5990.12500.7240
City of Lincolnton220.5990.56001.1590
Crouse Fire400.5990.08600.6850
Denver Fire600.5990.11500.7140
East Lincoln Fire700.5990.09800.6970
Howard's Creek Fire300.5990.13550.7345
North 321 Fire550.5990.07000.6690
North Brook Fire660.5990.10000.6990
Pumpkin Center Fire500.5990.12000.7190
South Fork Fire440.5990.12500.7240
Union Fire880.5990.12500.7240
Town of Maiden350.599N/A0.5990

Availability Fees
$99.00 per Major Structure
$49.50 per Major Structure for OAE Participants